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Pelliconi Innovation on Digitalization

Silvia Salvadori - Mar 15, 2021 12:57:28 PM

Pelliconi strongly in digitalization. It is a path that the company has undertaken a few years ago, transforming its way of selling products and services through the adoption of new solutions that simplify, optimize, speed up internal collaborations and with its partners. Digitalization is the present, but most importantly it is one of the key words of our future.

With Pelliconi.Next we intend the objectives that will soon be achieved in this area.#Digitalization #Pelliconi #Packaging


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Our reasons, our actions

We are transforming the way we sell goods and services, with the aim to improve the experience for our employees and simplify and digitalize operations for us and our customers.

To make it happen, we put in place a wide range of digital solutions supporting all our activities, throughout the lifecycle, from opportunities to projects, support for customers also with remote assist features.

This new way of working will bring clear advantages to our business, such as the possibility to boost supply chain, service, sale and administration processes through simpler operations, less errors, greater collaboration and visibility.

Much progress has been made and today we have consolidated solutions for EDI, eProcurement, order management & monitoring and “extended CRM” to manage opportunities, services and assistance together with our partners and customers.

Looking forward to continuing doing business together, we'd like to have the opportunity to exchange ideas on these topics, please contact us!



1 - Reliability of business transactions

Picture1Pelliconi.Next digitalization process is based on 5 digital areas, each one with its own objective. This is the first one: we've managed to improve reliability and control in business transactions thanks to eProcurement, and Order Management platforms as SAP Ariba. Because the speed of response to our customers is really important, only when combined with the guarantee of transparency and security that these tools provide.


2 - Fast data exchange

Picture2The speed of Pelliconi’s service makes the real difference: we strengthen it even more through the integration of ERP SAP and our new EDI service provider. We also supported clients in Extended Warehouse Management projects, from ordering, to confirmation, to shipping, to invoicing. Thanks to all of this Pelliconi is faster than ever.



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3 - Seamless customer experience

Picture3Interrupting a workflow is a waste of time and Pelliconi knows how important your time is. This is why we have created a CRM system for a seamless customer experience: improving communication with our clients means understanding their real needs and increasing the efficiency of Pelliconi’s service at the same time.



4 - Sales Management efficiency

Picture4Our goal was to create a single workspace that has everything sellers need to respond to any custumer’s request and to manage the opportunities of the market in a positive way: we made it!




5 - Complete Customer Support...with remote technical service in Augmented Reality

Picture5The new CRM Customer Service supports customers anytime and anywhere: information, technical assistance, diagnostic solutions, remote assist and advanced productivity tools are at customer's disposal with an immediate response, thanks to an inter-company collaboration network and self-service hubs.




Let's review together the 5 steps of Pelliconi’s digitalization that bring us straight into the future. Play what's next and contact us to open up a conversation on these or other digitalization topics! 



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Silvia Salvadori

Silvia Salvadori

Innovation Digital Program Manager in Pelliconi. Silvia is Management Engineer with a Master in Sales and Marketing Management and experience in different sectors from tourism to automotive and else. In Pelliconi is in charge of leading innovative projects related to new products, processes or services, from the idea to the go-to-market. In her free time she is acrobat, freerider, traveller.

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